Saturday, January 17, 2015

More Mid-Season Trapping Hides!

Mid January in West Virginia, and surely much of the Northeast, has produced several less furs compared to recent years. Some of the hides managing to roll in are some coon and muskrat....and of course some bucks set aside for European mounts!

Frigid temperatures from the arctic blast have let up over the last week, but are supposedly ready to return for the end of January! This at least leaves time for some hide-fleshing indoors to prepare for the fur sale!!!
Baby goats have been born in between all this excitement! Check out pics!!
fleshing early season raccoon hides on a fleshing board-prepping for sale

goat kids born in January, twin billy goats-WV

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Mid-Season Trapping-Arctic Blast!

It's now mid-season for trapping in West Virginia and much of the East. The advent of sub-zero temperatures has put a big stall on catches in early January. Hopefully the season gets better for everyone....We've been lookin for some grey fox and red fox that haven't been seen yet, though we have seen some coyote hides and several bobcat roll in. Compared to this time last year, furs are down around here...has anyone else had this type of luck?

2013 Mid-season fur catches: bobcat, coyote, red fox, muskrat, raccoon, beaver, mink

2015 mid-season catches: bobcat, muskrat, raccoon

Saturday, January 3, 2015

Trapping Season Rolls On!

Trapping season so far in West Virginia has been dismal, but a few friends have reeled in some nice lookin bobcats....this first week in January, one male and one female. Our friend Denny snagged an 18 pound male cat while Jarrod and Jake caught a 16 pound female. The weather has been rainy and cold, but so far we've seen 4 bobcats trapped in the last 2 weeks. Congrats Denny, Jarrod, and Jake! Check out these pictures!
Jarrod and Denny showing off their bobcats
Denny with his big male bobcat

Denny and Jarrod with their first bobcats each
6 year old Gunnar posing with this beast of a bobcat
Denny with his first bobcat catch

3 year old Willow posing with this monstrous cat

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Trapping Season is In!

The furs are starting to roll in for trapping season in West Virginia. So far we have seen some nice bobcats brought to the skinning shed by our friends Ethan and Cody. These were two decent sized females caught in Doddridge County, WV. We've had several coons also, but lets hope the furs keep comin! Check it out:

Ethan's first bobcat of the year-WV

Bobcat ready to skin

Cody has Bobcat #2-ready for skinning

Friday, December 19, 2014

2014 Buck Harvest in WV

So, the 2014 deer harvest numbers have finally been made official in West Virginia. And as predicted, this year produced record lows in comparison to the last two decades. Here it is: a 34% DROP in buck kills compared to last year. That decrease is for ONE YEAR. Lets not even think about next year. Years of liberal deer bag limits have been taking their toll on the deer population, and are finally starting to show the depletion in the buck kill data for the state. The limits this year were too high in respect to the ACTUAL deer population. Numbers have been slowly falling over the past five years, and an especially harsh winter in 2013-14 put a big hit on the deer.

Yet however skewed the data was from last year, the DNR accomplished what it set out for in deer kills this year. Expect an even more depressing outlook for next year...that is if you are being realistic. If you choose to listen to the government (DNR) hunting forecast, you can expect a "great decrease in deer around here!"....this message is meant to sell more out-of-state licenses and extra doe tags. Ask your neighbor or any random West Virginia hunter how many deer they saw this year. You could even go so far as to ask how many they saw LAST YEAR in comparison to 10 years ago. The deer are not "in the woods eating acorns." They are not "coming out more at night." They simply are

So what's the problem? How did this happen? Possibly from any combination of disbelief, misinformation, and scheming on behalf of the insurance companies and DNR led many hunters to believe the deer population is strong and the hunting is great, when in fact this is one of the worst hunting seasons in the last 20 years. The insurance companies have been battling the DNR in court for years in response to deer-vehicle collision claims. It looks like they are finally getting their way.

So now what? How can we change the effects of this negligent management of the long-thriving deer population of the great state of West Virginia? Speak up. Make sure you attend local meetings by the DNR open to the public and comment on policies when they are out for comment. Let your local and state elected officials know how you feel and keep the message out there on social media. Every little bit helps. The insurance companies should not be calling the shots on our NATURAL RESOURCES. We are tax payers and have a say in policies; we need to remember that! In the meantime, lets all hope for a mild winter, so that maybe a doe will make it through and be able to have a couple fawns in the spring to help repopulate the herd.

Here are some of the nice bucks some hunters did get this year.

nice 8 point buck WV

8 point buck- 18 inch spread

buck racks lined up from gun season

bad ass 8 point buck drying-finished European mount

Sunday, December 7, 2014

DIY European Skull Mount Steps

With deer season in full swing, many hunters are often confronted with the big decision whether to shell out the cash to get a professional mount or just saw off the horns of their buck. Luckily, there is a happy medium with a European Skull Mount. Not only do they look awesome and add a unique touch to any trophy display, but they are customizable and classy! They can be added to a plaque, colored, bleached, hung on the wall, or simply stand alone on a mantle.

Around here, C&C Trapping Outfit, consisting of Rob and Jake along with help from a few more, have been working on Euro Mounts as they roll in. We charge $50 per skull, which is a great price for this service, but it's great to know you can also do it yourself. There are many ways to do your own skull mounts, however, they have used the method of skinning the skull, boiling, scraping the remaining meat from the skull, then treating with hydrogen peroxide. So far the they have been averaging about a 3 day turnaround for finished buck heads. If you would like to try your own, this method is possible without any major purchase, equipment, or tools.

Our simple steps to DIY homespun European Deer Skull Mount:

1. SKIN OUT the head of the deer and as much meat as possible (remove the hide and eyeballs). The fresher the deer, the easier the job.
2. BOIL SKULL in water with (preferably) Borax added for 2-4 hours, or longer to encourage meat falling off bone (DO NOT let horns touch water, they may be wrapped for protection). Heat should be medium. We used a 50-gallon barrel cut in half for the pot, and a propane burner for the fire.
3. REMOVE ALL MEAT/BRAINS by carefully picking and scraping all remaining meat from skull (using pliers, knife, or blade). This must be done gently so as to not break or crack the fragile facial bones. Skull may be placed back in boiling water throughout scraping process as much as necessary.
4. SOAK SKULL in solution of water with added hydrogen peroxide in a 1:4 ratio, or about 25-30% Hydrogen Peroxide, for 1 day.
5. DRY SKULL. After thorough drying, gently brush off any flaky residue left from peroxide, and skull is finished!

Finished European Skull Mounts ready to go

Working on the Euro Mounts, with help from a Mountain Cur pup

Scraping meat off deer skulls after boiling
Email us for inquiries!

Sunday, November 30, 2014

European Mounts for $50

We are doing European Mounts for bucks this season for a low cost of $50. If you have a friend that did shoot a nice buck, please let them know. Message us for details. Here are some pics from the skull process and a mount recently completed!

Finished European Deer Skull Mount

Boiling 3 Buck Skulls for European Mounts

European Mount DIY

Saturday, November 29, 2014

First Week of Gun Season-WV

The first week of deer gun season is in the books in West Virginia. And around here, it's not good. The harvest in North Central West Virginia is shaping up to be lower than recent years, due to a gradual increase in the season bag limit over the last ten years. Despite the decline in local deer herds, the rifle bag limit still includes 2 bucks and 3 does. This does not include bow season and muzzleloader, which up the bag limit to 3 and 2, respectively. This means that one person hunting in West Virginia can legally kill 10 deer.

After the numbers from the first week are confirmed, we may see lots of hunters shocked at the low deer harvest thus far. Killing a doe right now may not be in the best interest of dedicated hunters, due to the implications on local deer populations. Some areas, however, are still holding larger deer populations and could benefit from doe kills. In much of the Northern half of the state, hunters have not seen near the deer as in recent years.

We will be interested to see public response to this year's deer harvest as the data rolls in. Stay tuned!

Rifle Season bucks taken in WV

Monday, November 24, 2014

Rifle Deer Season Opens in WV

Happy first day of gun hunting season in West Virginia and whatever other state you may be hunting or visiting! Gun season traditionally begins the first Monday of Thanksgiving week in WV, but of course each state is different. Each year the DNR of WV makes some adjustments based on figures of deer harvests from the year before. However, this 2014 season, much to our dismay, the hunting regulations have been changed to only 1 Buck kill before taking a doe. This means that before you can kill another buck, the DNR has enforced a mandatory doe kill if you would like to kill buck #2. In our area, however, the deer count is altogether down, and this law will only promote further decline in the overall deer population. We plan on becoming further involved in feedback to the DNR and their decisions to change the hunting regulations to once again decrease the deer population.

At any rate, remember your gun-hunting SAFETY TIPS:
1. Always wear orange
2. Be aware of what's beyond your target
3. Point your gun in a safe direction
4. Never keep a loaded gun in a vehicle/ATV/fourwheeler
5. Tell someone where you are hunting and when you'll return

Good luck, be safe, and check back for more pictures as the season continues!

Check out one of the last bucks to come off the farm at the end of Bow Season!! A gnarly 10-point!

Nice 10 Point Taken last Saturday before Gun Season

10 Point Buck-Bow Kill, Doddridge County, WV

Thursday, November 20, 2014

The Bucks are Starting to Drop!

Bow (Archery) season kills so far. Check out some pictures from Rob's nice 8-Point buck taken in bow season. Hard work and putting in time preparing foodplots, feeders, tree stands, and land management can pay off!

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Early Fall Bowhunting is Underway !

All the summer work you put in can finally begin to pay off when the early fall bowhunting season opens up. In West Virginia, our season started September 15th! That's early! The warm weather at the beginning of the season made for some less-than-desirable conditions, however, there is always a chance of a big buck walking out in front of you when the season starts that early. Scouting is important in the early season, and putting up stands or blinds on established deer paths and near scrapes and rubs is a great start.

We have gotten some blinds up near known deer signs and near food plots, however, the over-abundant mass of acorns this year has made the deer hard to find thus far. Many states in the Eastern U.S. have experienced this large acorn crop, and so far in WV archery deer kills are down compared to recent years. Corn feeders might boost your chances for deer traffic for bringing the deer out of the oak thickets. In late October, the bucks have finally started chasing and running with does, and a few of our friends have killed some nice bucks so far! Good luck with your bow for the rest of October and November and send us your pics!

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Horse Wreck Video Laughs!

We are back in the video uploading business after a half-year break from our YouTube channel. We have been filming lots of great stuff, and we thought we would start with sharing this great video of a horse wreck caught-on-tape. A fellow we know was showing off for the camera speeding down the blacktop road riding his horse when disaster struck! Watch for yourself if you need a good laugh and leave a comment below!!